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» Health and social professions
» Management
» R&D, project management
» Electricity, water, gas, nuclear, energy
» Government services
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» Social, public and human services
Professional experience . 2 to 5 years
Professional Experience: 
: Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Manager (ACTING)
Save the Children International - Sierra Leone USAID – Momentum Country and Global Leadership (MCGL) Projec
05.2022 - 07.2022
Main Functions: • Provide leadership in roll out and implementation of MCGL MEAL Package. • Oversee implementation of project MEAL components across implementing Districts • Provide oversight on implementation of required MEAL actions and Monitoring and implementation processes. • Interface with consortium members and international reps in the alignment of learning outcomes from project indicators. • Triangulate monthly data from project implementing District submitted by MEAL Officers. • Provide technical oversight to project MEAL Officers in applying stand MEAL practices in data collection and populating activity tracker.
Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Coordinator (ACTING)
Save the Children International - Sierra Leone Pujehun Field-base
01.2022 - 04.2022
Main Functions: • Design Monitoring and Evaluation Package such as Monitoring Evaluation Accountability Learning Plan, Indicator Performance Tracking Table and Log-frame • Regularly update Key Performance Indicator Tracker Capturing Project objectives. • Developing quarterly summary reports and update Activity tracker for all Awards within the Pujehun District. • Consolidate total beneficiary reach. • Develop detailed M&E Package for new Projects. • provide technical support to senior specialists, carrying out research, project formulation and implementation. • Plan and manage all surveys and data collection activity in the District. • Manage database in Excel including designing and preparing reports with visualization. • Engage with partners in a spirit of cooperation, learning and respect. • Strengthen a culture of performance improvement by collecting, analysing, and sharing information for effective decision making.
: Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Officer
Save the Children International - Sierra Leone
Since 07.2021
• Monthly feedback collection and update of accountability database. • Score QBMs for ALL activities implemented using the appropriate QBM checklist for that activity. • On the spot checks at training /activity centers and signing of Participant list. • Support consultant for for recruitment and training of enumerators for survey and end-line evaluation. • Developing and refining data collection tools. • Conduct data quality assessments and oversight. • Facilitate the compilation of PMP data and submit as final. • Input data on the DHIS and PMP total worksheet. • Designing TORs and implementing project from initiation to closeout stages Using M&E systems. • Draft AAR and Compile reports with approved guidelines relating to program development and implementation. • Perform with diligence, strive for excellence, and maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life. • Adapt in a timely manner to meet changing needs and conditions. • Respect the diversity of beliefs, cultures and lifestyles of the Volunteers/ Trainees, staff, counterparts and communities we serve. • Collaborate with fellow staff and Volunteers/trainees to create an atmosphere of inclusion, mutual learning, open communication, accountability, respect, and trust. • Consistently follow and implement Company policies in both letter and spirit.
Living-in Manager
Hidjazi Hotel
09.2020 - 09.2021
Main Functions: • Oversee and supervise all Operations and Management tasks in the Hotel • Handle all Administrative and Booking tasks, ranging from checking-in and managing clients • Oversee all Public Relation affairs, Marketing and branding of the establishment • Represent and promote the Ideals and goals of the Hotel. • Create and Manage the two-way Feedback communication mechanism in the Facility to improve service delivery • Engage with all Peace Corps partners in a spirit of cooperation, learning and respect. • by collecting, analyzing, and sharing information for effective decision making. • Perform with diligence, strive for excellence and maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life. • Prioritize and uphold Clients privacy and discretion • Respect the diversity of beliefs, cultures, and lifestyles of the Volunteers/Trainees, staff, counterparts, and communities we serve. • Collaborate with fellow staff and Volunteers/Trainees to create an atmosphere of inclusion, mutual learning, open communication, accountability, respect, and trust. • Ensure that the Hotel management of its human, material, and financial resources is efficient, cost-effective, and socially and environmentally sustainable. • Consistently follow on staff performance.
Field Supervisor / Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Institute of Governance Reform-IGR
10.2019 - 09.2020
Main Function: • Communicate Status Report and compile activity reports • Conduct training and coaching for field staff on specialties related to the project • Assist in designing implementable project Monitoring and Evaluation Plans • Train, deploy and Supervise enumerators on data collection • undertake regular monitoring field visit to implementing communities • Assist in developing and maintaining project database where required • Mobilize, test-run and manage field implements and gadget • Facilitated Compassionate Communication training for In-charges in the Health Facilities and various community structures • Provided technical support to Partners and District committee in the area of adequately communicating feedback • Provided knowledge base messages on the project to mother support groups, Facility Management Committee and Community Stakeholders (Paramount Chiefs, Youth Leaders,) • Participated in periodic partners meetings • Wrote and submitted monthly report of activities, including financial receipts
Project Supervisor – PETS Survey, KAP1, 2, 3 Survey, Bio Meter Survey, Pre-& Post Election Perception Survey
Institute of Governance reform-IGR
02.2017 - 09.2019
Main Function: • Conduct all pre-survey protocols training and preparing field staff before deployment • Design and upload Project Survey tools into the various platforms • Supported the Director and Technical Coordinator in planning and implementation of work-plan, development of targeted gender messages and coordination and mapping of gender partners • Conducted periodic site visits to monitor and evaluate gender programs implemented at community level • Collate and analyze date from the data collection dashboard • Established/Maintained database on data collected Mach 2014 to January 2016 Horse Fishing Company-Jui Position: Administrative Officer Main Function: ● Administer all petty office administrative task ● Keep record of all monetary transactions of the company. ● Deposit of company’s money into the company’s account. ● Give account of all sales made and all expenses incurred on a daily basis. ● Give account of the amount of profit made by the company each day. ● Keep account of the amount of product sold on a daily basis. ● Prepare receipt on all sales.
Human Right Officer
Talented Young People Everywhere-TYPE
03.2016 - 05.2017
Main Function: ● Conduct education and training on Human Rights for vulnerable people in deprived communities ● Research and collate date of feedback / complaint on violation or Human Right related issues ● Action point Human Rights concerns for follow ups. ● Draft periodic Human Right reports
Child Officer- Volunteer
Street Child
03.2014 - 03.2015
• Attends Seminar and symposium with partners on trafficking of human beings and human rights. • Employ different approaches to mitigate the chain of child trafficking. • Provides functional support to project implementation. • Identifies areas for intervention and provides advice on future strategy directions on street child and Anti-Trafficking Program goals. • institute different interventional approaches like field visit and community stakeholder discussion to raise awareness on street child and child trafficking.
• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; • Knowledge of the major evaluation methodologies (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, mixed-method, and impact) and data collection and analysis methodologies. • Knowledge on how to integrate a gender dimension in the M&E strategies. • Training and workshop facilitation skills and experience, • Ability to formulate new concepts and methodologies. • Technical skills to design and deploy different survey tools using KOBO, COMMCARE, SOLTICS • Strong Research and project implementation, collecting, analyzing data. • Experience in database management Excel based including designing and preparing reports. • Experience in uploading and extracting data in DHIS2 Platform • Experience with data quality assessments and oversight. • Ability to draft reports and prepare guidelines relating to programme development and implementation. • Experience working with District Health Management Teams (Infection Prevention and Control Focal Person, Quality Improvement Focal Person, Child Health Focal) • Good interpersonal relationship with team members in a multicultural background • Proficient in Microsoft Applications (Word, PowerPoint, outlook and Excel), • Ability to multitask using different social media handles (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
Education . Master
Masters in Diplomacy and International Relations (Awaiting)
University of Sierra Leone Fourah Bay College
04.2017 - 08.2018
professional Training in administration Professional Training in International relations and related discipline
Certificate: Project Management Essentials
01.2022 - 06.2022
Completed full Package on Project Management
Certificate: MEAL-monitoring methods, MEAL Tools, MEAL in Accountability, Field survey and Procedures, And Questionnaire Desig
01.2021 - 06.2021
Completed complete package on MEAL in Project from Designing to Complition
Bachelor of Science Major: Peace and Conflict Studies
University of Sierra Leone (Fourah Bay College)
09.2008 - 01.2013
Completed full four Years Degree Program
Key Skills
facility management
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Bo - Bonthe - Freetown - Kabala - Kailahun - Kambia - Kenema - Koidu - Magburaka - Makeni - Moyamba - Port Loko - Pujehun - Waterloo
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