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Professional experience . 5 to 10 years
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District Support Officer-Western Urban and Bo
Mottmacdonald SL Limited
07.2017 - 03.2021
 Provided system and capability support to three education directors and 50 school inspectors in three districts.  Managed, Administrative support and capacitated 59 school supporters in three districts to carry out effective supportive supervision in schools.  Facilitated trained and troubleshoot support to more than 300 principals and schools on the use of digital technology to monitor and managed schools  Provided supportive supervision to more than 362 schools in three districts on the use of lesson plan manual and pupils handbooks to deliver professional lesson and pedagogy  Provided supportive and capability support to more than 300 principals and 3000 teachers in three districts on continual professional development (management, leadership, subject contents, pedagogy and more)  Facilitate the production and distribution of 2.7 million pupil handbooks in English and math.  Enhanced the Production and distribution of 940 braille English pupil handbooks (a first in Sierra Leone).  Facilitated the Introduction of monthly learning forums for district directors (DDs) and district education officers (DEO’s) to review school monitoring information and take remedial action.  Played coordination role for Successful completion of national learning assessment survey and dissemination of findings at both national and district levels.
District Facilitator/Manager
Government of Sierra Leone-DFID Funded Recovery programme
07.2015 - 06.2017
 Provided system strengthen capacity support to one local district council and five MDAs (Education, Health, Agriculture, Social Welfare, SALWACO, Water Resources ministry).  Provided monitoring and capacity support to 14 paramount chiefs, more than 100 section chiefs to monitoring supported community development projects and Programme implemented by government and partners.  Monitored and reported on the supplies and distribution of Agricultural input, educational input, Social Sector Health Care Services, Water and Sanitation, Gender, Children, Social and Youth Employment with beneficiaries.  Managed schedules and deadlines of projects to ensure progress is on target and that deadlines are still feasible.  Monitored and identified issues or risks and took effective steps to ensure they were limited and reduced.  Resolved issues and devise solutions by helping prepare reports and performing data analysis.  Prepared budget and progress reports ensuring all works were completed according to requirements, schedule, and budget.  Monitored and implement systems and procedures designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative work.  Organized project meetings that involve progress reviews and planning to ensure all team members are on the same page.  Managed, Administered HR policies and procedures for 10 officers in a high-stress environment
Programme officer
ActionAid international-sierra Leone (AAISL)
07.2011 - 05.2015
 Provided leadership, technical support, material and school support to child sponsorship Education Project for 2,000 children.  Provided system strengthen support to koidu city and district councils and its core staff (CA, M&E, Development officer, gender officer)  Provided system strengthening and monitoring to five local implementing partners  Facilitated and monitored the construction of four schools with improved facilities in Kono district.  Provided capability and functioning support to four women advocacy organizations on education, children and women’s right.  Provided functioning support to four chiefdom education committees and fifteen school management committees.  Provided livelihood and educational support to eight mother clubs with training and revolving funds toward supporting children and community development.  Mobilize resources for Programme and activity in community transformation  Played a pivotal role in creating synergy between one Local development partner that resulted in resource mobilization and project implementations.  Facilitated the provision of livelihood support to more than 2000 direct beneficiaries and their households through the provision of agricultural inputs, microfinance support, livestock restocking, and skills training.  Managed, Administered HR policies and procedures to five volunteers.
Programme Officer
Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD)
09.2007 - 05.2011
Main responsibilities and achievements  Supported health and education research to inform policy development and implementation (especially the free health and education policies).  Worked, strengthened and capacitated 14 district budget oversight committees on budget planning, monitoring and reporting.  Worked with district health and education management committee on policy monitoring and implementation  Supported the formation, support and strengthening of an independent monitoring pressure group that comprises seven organizations (Ibis, Red cross, SLYEO, AVA, ANFEGG, KOWONET, YWID) on improved service delivery.  Supported advocacy and capability support to district Budget oversight committee, sierra leone teacher union, sierra leone nurses association  Provided support to partners to manage all aspects of the project cycle including planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.  Ensure project narrative reports are prepared and submitted on time using donor reporting requirements.  Track/monitor day-to-day progress against project milestones and activities, against scheduled work plans and overall project objectives;  Supported and facilitated shared learning and collaboration between partners by facilitating partner networks and meetings  Provided information, case studies, interesting news stories etc relating to the projects
Africa Innovative Development-AID(
Since 03.2021
 Undertake a range of Coordination and tasks that may reflect substantial variety and complexity  Working with the CEO and team around the world to define the strategy and work plan for scoping a country/region, with the aim of identifying well-suited contexts for results-based programmes.  Support Setting clear research tasks for the Program team’s Analysts and supervising their work to see how it contributes to the broader aims of the organization.  Contribute in data analysis to understand development shortcomings, and conduct research to advise on how they can best generate a social change.  Engaging stakeholders (central and local governments, donors, service providers) to understand the local context and suitability of results-based programmes.  Contribute in Writing the creation of reports or other publications e.g., Articles,  Supporting the fundraising by contributing to the design, supervision and control of multiple projects and activities in accordance with the organization  Supporting recruitment and training activities  Develop and maintain a sound network among team members across the world
Computer skills. Leadership experience. Communication skills. Organizational know-how. Collaboration talent. Problem-solving abilities.
Education . Master
Master of Education In Education Administration(M.ED)
NJALA University-University of the South Sierra Leone
10.2018 - 03.2020
This programme is specially designed for educators in broadening their horizon of complex issues about the educational system and in exploring ways in which they can make a positive difference in educational administration and policy. The programme assumes that leadership resides in and operates across various levels of the educational system – from teachers, principals, policy analysts, to officials– and addresses significant issues relevant to the public. Using a range of experiential and grounded approaches to learning, the programme enhances students’ conceptual and analytical skills that are essential for a comprehensive and critical understanding of the debates surrounding current education policies and practices and their wider implications for society. Below were some of the modules covered Education administration (Law and Policy) Developmental psychology Guidance and Counselling Sociology of Education Curriculum Development Philosophy of education Learning theories Measurement and evaluation Distance education Research Method Education statistics Dissertation
Master of development in Development management(MDM)
Institute Of Public Administration And Management-IPAM-University Of Sierra Leone
10.2013 - 04.2016
The primary purpose of the qualification provides me with the knowledge and ability to analyze and critically evaluate social and economic policy, research, leadership, and management strategies
Bachelor of Science with Honours (BSc(Hons)) in Geography
Fourah Bay College-University of Sierra Leone
10.2003 - 12.2007
The primary purpose of the qualification provides me with the knowledge, specific skills and applied and theoretical competence in a number of Science fields to provide opportunities for continued personal intellectual growth, gainful economic activity and valuable contributions to society. Secondly, the course provided me with a number of learning fields in order to ensure that the leadership base of innovative and knowledge-based economic and scholarly activity is widened.
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Bo - Bonthe - Freetown - Kailahun - Kambia - Kenema - Koidu - Magburaka - Makeni - Moyamba - Port Loko - Pujehun - Waterloo - International
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