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» Production, maintenance, quality
» Public buildings and works professions
09.2011 - 06.2012
Koidu secondary school (kSS)
Senior prefect
Professional experience
5 to 10 years
» Industry, production, manufacturing and other
» Real-estate, architecture, town planning
√ well versed in adjusting and operating surveying instruments √ Experience in management of land information computer system, data storage and plot reporting √ Proficient in using of Total stations and GPS o Have adequate skills in software like: Google Earth MS office Surpac Gem, AutoCAD 2018 KEY SKILLS o Ability to coordinate and communicate effectively. o Strong affinity towards learning. o Ability to adhere strictly to the established rules within the working environment. o Ability to think logically and make useful deductions. o Computer literate. o Strong team leader and player. o Has keen interest in research. o Easily associates with superiors, peers and juniors.
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Place of residence : Koidu city
Permanent contract

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Profile n°00031191
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  • Industries: Chemistry, petrochemistry, raw materials - Education, training - Electricity, water, gas, nuclear, energy - Environment, recycling - Real-estate, architecture, town planning
  • Education:
    08.2009 - 03.2016
    Master in Biology with specialisation in Aquatic Ecology
    Lund University
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    01.2005 - 12.2007
    Trainee Boilermaker
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