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» Sports, cultural and social action
Professional experience . More than 10 years
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Decentralisation Secretariat, Youyi Building Freetown.
07.2006 - 05.2018
Summary Responsibilities: Managed the implementation of community-driven development (CDD) Projects in 151 villages and 27 wards in the Bombali and Bonthe Districts. Facilitated Staff Retreats, Capacity Building sessions for staff and communities in both Districts. Tools used included Coordination and Community Engagement with appropriate partners, including government agencies for planning and coordination with appropriate development partners in appropriate forums and platforms the implementation of community-driven development (CDD) project activities using quantitative and qualitative research methods, monitoring project activities to ensure that they are on track and evaluating same to ensure that they on the right track, providing technical know-how into designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation studies, partnership and capacity strengthening, building strategic partnerships at national and local levels with government and non-governmental organizations as well as private sector to advance the CDD projects’ strategic agenda and ensure sustainability of project activities and managing program budgets, including tracking of financial and material resources and providing regular forecasts.
05.2003 - 06.2006
Summary responsibilities: Managed the Disadvantaged Children and Youths Programme (DCYP) with development partners with emphasis on facilitating the provision of sustainable and alternative livelihood systems for the beneficiaries. Facilitated and promoted resilience , livelihoods and governance issues of disadvantaged children
01.1997 - 06.2003
Summary responsibilities: Facilitated the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration and supervised the socio-economic reintegration of ex-combatants all over Sierra Leone and the socio-economic reintegration of ex-combatants in Sierra Leone. Coordination with local NGOs and CBOs was paramount in sensitising communities about peace, forgiveness and reconciliation with ex-combatants.
11.1992 - 12.1996
Summary responsibilities: Provided leadership for field staff in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of community development projects and addressed the needs of victims of the Civil War in 45 villages for 1875 Households in two chiefdoms in the Bombali District, Northern Sierra Leone. Project activities included the distribution of food and non-food relief items.
05.1988 - 11.1992
Summary responsibilities: Supervised Local Trainers in conducting training sessions for Peace Corps Trainees (PCTs) during Pre-Service Training (PST), organized Village live- ins and facilitated Reconnects and in-service and Close of Service Sessions for Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) .
PLAN International, Sierra Leone
06.1983 - 05.1988
Summary responsibilities: Co-ordinated the implementation of community development projects in the field through sub-office heads and trained Programming staff and communities on the implementation monitoring and evaluation of community development projects in the Bombali District.
07.1974 - 05.1983
I taught English Language, English Literature, African, British and European History Subjects, in the Junior and Senior Secondary School Classes preparing the pupils for Ordinary and Advanced Level Examinations, the success in which qualified them for entrance into the University of Sierra Leone for undergraduate studies, and in a few cases for post graduate studies.
CLIENT: Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA).
08.2018 - 09.2018
Evaluation of inter-party panel discussions conducted by IPA, before Elections in 2017, in twenty-one (21) Constituencies in Sierra Leone. Most Political Parties in that contested the 2018 Elections in twenty-one (21) constituencies participated in these panel discussions. The discussions were very healthy and free of rancour.However some Moderators were not adequately trained to preside over the dicussion sessions. The whole thing turned out to be very informative and educative for me as a Consultant.
Stanford University(US) and Wageningen University (Holland)
11.2016 - 03.2017
Implementation of two (2) Approaches to Community Development in the Bombali and Bonthe Districts’ communities.The scope of work was to evaluate the long run effects of community-driven development (CDD) projects in the context of a new development opportunity and compare its efficacy to a lower cost technocratic alternative that provides training in basic project management skills. This was conducted in twenty (20) villages in the Bombali and Bonthe Districts.The report is available for reading if need be.
Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLG&RD).
07.2016 - 07.2016
Power Point presentation (PPT) of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Capacity Development for Comprehensive District Development (CDCDD) and merging of District and Rural Development Handbooks. The then Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Senior Ministry Officials, Japanese Expatriates and senior Officuals of the Decentralisation Secretariat, were in attendance.The PPT canm be reproduced if needed.
United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF). Summary responsibilities:
08.2011 - 08.2011
Examine the management of UNCDF Investment Structures in consultation with Kenema District and City Council Authorities and amke recommendations to both Local Councils to promote Local Economic Development (LED) in the Kenema District. Conduct feasibility studies with, representatives of Business women (Fishmongers) in Kenema and Tongofield , the Honey Bees and the Kenema Butchers Union to examine the posibiloities of LED.The report is available for reading if need be.
European Commission
05.2011 - 06.2011
Thematic global evaluation of the EC support to Decentralisation process with External Evaluator in the lead. EU Authorities , Decentralisation Authorities and UNDP Authorities were interviewed on the impact of EU funding on the Decentralisation Decratariat. The report is available for reading if need be.
World Bank.
03.2004 - 06.2004
The conduct of Community Consultations in 10 rural communities in the Moyamba, Bombali and Port Loko Districts for the World Bank Proposal on Strengthening Social Capital in 124 Villages and 27 Wards in the Bombali and Bonthe Districts. Upon the approval of the Proposal the Strengthening Social Capital Project was funded by the Japan Social Development Fund(JSDF) and the GoBifo Project earned the 2011 Best Practice Award for the year 2011. Both the Award and the Report are available and can be produced if need be,
Project Proposal Writing; Capacity Building/Training; Project Implementation, Village Diagnosis and Planning; Coordination; Coordination; Monitoring and Evaluation; Reporting; Partnership and Capacity Strengthening; Formulation/Writing Concept Papers.
Education . Master
Rural Development
University of Sierra Leone
07.2003 - 07.2004
Classrooms sessions, field trips , term papers, tests and dissertation were all part of the Rural Development Course.
ILO Institute of Advanced Technical and Vocational Training, TURIN, Italy. Ko Annan International Pe September to December 1983.
09.1983 - 12.1983
Training Methodology, Audio-Visual Aids Technology, Curriculum Development.Diploma in Educational Technology for Trainers of Instructors. Assessment of DDR Programmes in Africa.
Academic Courses
Bo Government Secondary School
09.1964 - 09.1971
I taught English Language, English Literature, African, British and European History Subjects, in the Bo Government Secondary School for nine (9) years before opting out of the Teaching Profession in preference for implementing Community-Driven Development (CDD) Project activities. Besides teaching I was also Games Master, Boarding Home Master in charge of the Liverpool Dormoitory in the School.
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